Thursday, February 4, 2010

Umbrella Happiness

Last week Meilani insisted that I take her to Target to buy an umbrella with her birthday money. Feeling guilty about the snow boot situation (see post here) we headed to the store but could only find the flimsy umbrellas. You know the ones that flip inside out in the wind? We bought one anyway but the whole way home Meilani was telling me about a super cool umbrella that her friend has . . . "it's see through, and big, and covers your head, and is totally cool, but she got it in the Philippines, I wish we could go the Philippines to get me one." Then a few days later, I was shopping at a different Target and found the super cool "Philippinean" umbrellas! I bought one for each kid with the understanding that they'd pay me back from their money stashs (they're all a bunch of cash hoarders . . . I guess that's called saving!) Boy oh boy were the kids in heaven! Who knew an umbrella could make a person so happy! Since it's been raining everyday for what feels like months, I thought the kids would have a fun Saturday playing in the rain with their new umbrellas. As luck would have it though, clear skys the day after the umbrella purchase. Oh well, fun was still had by all. Did you know that rain is not actually a requirement for umbrella fun?

Showing off their new toys.

Sariah and Carmen. April tagged this photo on my facebook, so I assume it's fair game! I love that my neighbor friend is a great photographer! She captures what I envision but never get!

Umbrella parade, captured also by April (I was actually taking a nap. Ben was being nice. April tried to come get me because she knew I wouldn't have wanted to miss fun on the court, but my family prevented her from awaking me). Meilani of course leading the troops. Check out Liam's footwear. I asked Eli why he wasn't in the parade. His response: "I tried to convince Carmen to share Sariah's umbrella so I could have mine, but she wanted her own so I let her use mine by herself." That child is the nicest kid I know! I'm so glad I know him (and can take some credit)!


Anne said...

So cute!!!!

April said...

Eli was so nice to share his umbrella! Now you need to post the dumpster diving ones, so I can steal them from you!

Riquino Family said...

That picture of Sariah and her friend is precious! So cute!

We need to borrow Eli over here for a while. Maybe his sharing could rub off on my kids! :) He sounds like a very sweet kid.