Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silly Kids

Sunday I was doing Sariah's hair for church. After placing her bows "just so" I said "Sariah you are so beautiful." With an extreme eye roll she looked at herself in the mirror and said "I don't want to be beautiful." I asked "What do you want to be?" She said "I want to be awesome!" I said, "okay, you look awesome." Glancing at herself in the mirror again, and with another eye roll, she said "No I don't, I look pretty!" I busted up. Not thirty seconds later my awesome girl was donning blush, lip gloss, and perfume. She does like being pretty, she just doesn't know it yet!

Here's Sariah on Monday. She dug through the dirty laundry searching for her favorite (filthy) Tinkerbell shirt and paired it with a non-matching, also dirty, purple sweatsuit. My awesome looking 4 year old is selecting which "flavor" perfume she's going to wear for the day. Too funny!

Yummy hand Seth! He seriously had the whole thing shoved in his mouth. Hungry son?

Eli and his tape face. He thought he looked like a lion. I thought he looked like something from a horror movie.

For the last two months Meilani has worn snow boots to school virtually every day. I can't imagine what the school personal think of us! Yes, we do live in California. No there is no snow where we live. It all started when her school had a "snow day" dress up day for spirit week several months ago. Ever since then she's wanted to wear the snow boots to keep her feet dry (we have had a ton of rain this year). She does have a super cute pair of suede boots she got for Christmas but she doesn't like to wear them because her feet get wet in them. I tried to talk her out of this unfortunate fashion disaster several times, but finally gave in and decided not to fight "that" battle. A good mom would have just bought her child some rain boots. A crazy mother of five gives in to ridiculous snow boots in order to keep her daughter's feet dry and to avoid a trip to the store with five kids. Spring weather will be here before we know it . . . it's not worth purchasing rain boots at this point right? Right.

This little piggy . . . went to TARGET! I played the piggy game with Liam several times then played again having him insert the words. Here's his version:
This little piggy went to Target. (We must spend too much time at Target!)
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy ate food.
This little piggy had food.
This little piggy went to the park.

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