Saturday, January 30, 2010

School Stuff

Meilani and her science fair project. Science was not my best subject in school. I think I got a "D" in my fifth grade science class, and I barely passed chemestry in high school. Needless to say I was slightly less than thrilled that Meilani wanted to participate in the optional science fair at her school. When we were done I felt like perhaps I had helped a bit too much and that Meilani didn't learn enough, but when I questioned her about her experiment and what she learned, I was pretty astounded. I guess the late nights and extra effort were worth it.
UPDATE: Meilani won 1st place at the school science fair! Her project is getting sent on to compete at the county level! Who knew?

Eli and his project for the 100th day of school. Can you see the "100?" The fork is the one and the plate and cup the zeros. He glued 100 noodles to the plate. The crafty type school project is more up my alley, if you know what I mean. Too bad there wasn't a craft class when I was in school. I think I would have aced that one.

Meilani's class voted her student of the month. Each month the school focuses on a "pillar" from the Character Counts program. This month the pillar was fairness.

Eli got the award a couple months ago for the pillar of respect. His class doesn't vote, his teacher just chooses. Aren't my kids great? Okay, enough bragging!

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John and Stef said...

Brag away!! It's so rewarding to see our children succeed. It's what being a mama is all about! :)
Way to go Meliani and Eli!!