Friday, February 17, 2017

The end is the beginning

Well, I just sat down to finally print out 2015 and scrolled through the year's posts.  Today is February 17th, 2017, and I'm no more caught up on recording our family memories today then I was on page one of this book.  Yet today, after watching some council from a loving apostle of the Lord about doing and recording our family history, my heart was pricked, and here I am, feebly attempting to again get caught up (the 40% off blogtoprint coupon helped too).  I know it's worth it.  Life is just more frantic, busy, and stressful than I can truly convey.  But I'll keep trying, because I love us and want to remember all the messy, crazed, chaotic moments.



Rainbow over Mountain House High School.  

Book end girlies

I think she either broke into the house, or is playing "McDonalds" with the little kids.

Trying to play the flute.  Haha!

Looking pretty.  The counter...not so much.

Up to the temple to see the Christmas lights.

Lafferty Ladies

The whole fam

I had to stand on a step to appear taller than Meilani!

Cousin cuddling before we left for the temple.

Nap fighter...nap won.

Seth's 6th birthday party.  It was a camping theme.  That crumpled up construction paper is supposed to be fire.

Sleeping bag races...

and tent playing.

I once again attempted to sell caramel apples at a craft show in town.  I didn't sell hardly any and had to sell the rest on social media.  When will I learn?

Playing in the leaves after church.

Eli again sold mistletoe to earn money for scout camp.

Ruby throwing a huge fit because I won't let her play with baby Jesus (aka the porcelain nativity set).

Sariah's school volleyball team.

Eli's school volleyball team.

Seth's class quilt I made for the school auction.

Ammon and his Joy School friends doing the Nativity play.

Seth was student of the month and got to bring home this bear.

Shopping in Costco.

A friend of ours gave us tickets to the San Francisco Symphony's performance of "It's a Wonderful Life."  So fun! 

Leaf playing at the park.

This boy refuses to wear shoes, pants, and jackets.

Seth's school concert.

Joy School Christmas pajama party.

Nativity play again.

Impromptu family pics.  My camera wouldn't work.  We borrowed a friends camera and her teenage daughter to come snap some quick family pics for the hour we had between activities one evening.  Not too shabby!









Our Christmas e-card.

Straight from pictures to a gingerbread house decorating party.

Christmas morning

After Christmas we surprised our Oregon cousins with a visit.  They were shocked when we showed up on their doorstep!

Quick visit to Grandma Fobert while we were in town.

She was so enamored with the little boys.  She kept asking if she could kiss Ammon.  He begrudgingly acquiesced.  

Ben with his grandma.  She had no idea who we were but seemed pleased to see us nonetheless.

Fobert Road pics

Hike to Silvercreek Falls.  It was so beautiful!

Mt Hood in the distance.

Playing at the park with Niki and Joe

We ran in the new year with a Winter Hawks hockey game.  So fun!