Monday, November 7, 2016


Meilani and her best bud Maddi who ended up moving away shortly after this photo was taken.

Meilani and her "freshie" crew.

Windy park day.

Crepes and Conference...a Fobert tradition.

That one time when our attic was smoking.  The firefighters were so nice to let the kids climb all over the truck.

Meilani's friends own horses.

Joy School Nature Walk

This is Ammon punishing me because he was mad.  He stormed off  yelling that he was going to take a nap.  I pretended to be upset at the prospect, then celebrated afterwards.

Another day he was mad because I made him clean all the walls that he drew on in an angry fit.

Visiting Grandmom

Liam the chicken whisperer.  Sunlight (the chicken) pecks my toes anytime I go near her, but she lets Liam snuggle.

Joy School pumpkin patch field trip.

We were too cheap to pay for the petting zoo, so we fed the goats dried leaves.

Ruby had bladder and urinary tract reconstruction.  Surgery went really well and she was a trooper in the hospital.

The staff was amazing and even Moosy came back from surgery with the same iv and bandages as Ruby.

First day home.  I think she's feeling fine!  We had to take her off the trampoline too.

Hanging at soccer practice

Dirty, silly, backyard fun.

Our BFFs the Lehikoinens moved to Indiana.  While our friends always move away, this one was particularly hard.

Seth and Emma

Ruby and Mary

AJ and Liam

Our favorite date night friends.  So many temple nights, church activities, parties and more.

All the friends at the farewell party.

The day we determined Sariah could quit piano lessons to play basketball.

Here we are, trying to get to the recital, late as usual, and this girl feels compelled to shoot some hoops while the rest of us are getting in the car.  Love the look on Eli's face!

Joy School Halloween party

School parade, Seth's a spy

Liam as...I don't really know, something from Star Wars.

Sariah and her buddy as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Eli as a shadow

The annual caramel apple making.

My little fruit bat!

Ruby flat out refused to put on a costume.  Even the bribe of candy couldn't convince her to dress up.

Seth had a blast playing soccer.

Sariah's fierceness increased.  She loved playing goalie again.

Eli played goalie for the first time this year.  It was a lot of pressure, but he did great.

Liam was a great defender.

Victory, his team took first.

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