Sunday, November 6, 2016


Ammon started Joy School and was so excited to finally go to school.

Ruby needed a picture too despite the fact that she's stuck home with me all year.

Seth started Kindergarten and apparently has quite a few lady admirers.  One day he came home with a note and a bunch of treats from a girl in his class.

At the park.

High School is tough.

Just a pic to remember how life really looked.

At Sean's rehearsal dinner.

THE cutest flower girl ever.

Sean and Lori and all the nieces and nephews.

At the wedding

Quick visit to Tompa.  Ammon sweeps the leaves every single time we're there.

Heading to the reception

With the bride and groom.

With my aunt Linda, cousing Jasmine, and niece Abby.

Lafferty ladies

Meilani got her braces off!

Lunch to celebrate.

2nd year of planning the Altamont Fun Run.  We raised over $20k

With our favorite missionaries!

Meilani was nominated by her teachers to be homecoming princess.  She was mortified but I went to the rally anyway.

Enjoying a day at home sans clothes apparently.

That's Ammon's portrait of me.

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