Tuesday, January 10, 2017


These fellas had birthdays early in the month.  Ammon turned 4 and Seth turned 6.

This girl just keeps getting more tall and more beautiful!

Freshman volleyball team bonding.

Block building brothers

Seth was excited to take treats to school.

Sariah's all star soccer team.

Eli's all star soccer team.

We went up to check out the new YW Camp, Rucker Lake.  Ammon fell in the mud within the first 5 minutes and was pretty sad the rest of the time we were there because he was so cold.

The snow was fun to play in.

Meilani checking out the cabins.

It was a fun day!  Ruby was there, her head was cut off!  And we were dog sitting Cookie.

Eli's volleyball team.

We had a ward activity and Eli pied our Bishop who returned the favor.

Liam and Sariah getting some baking lessons from Dad.

Ammon's Joy School Thanksgiving feast.

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Mimmie and Tompa's house in the city.

Playing Kings Corner, Mimmie's favorite.

Muti and Ruby doing a puzzle.

Those not wanting to play cards...

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