Thursday, June 16, 2016


Sariah turned 10!

Pioneer woman cake for her actual birthday.

Minute to win it party with friends.

Ben's adaptation of the games with a nylon on his head.  He totally startled me.

Sibling bonding time over some backyard potion making.

Killing time waiting for a piano recital.

After the recital.

Eli sold Mother's Day Breakfast Trays for a fundraiser.

These monkeys "helped" with delivery.

This year I put in my order for breakfast in bed...crepes!

Mother's Day dinner.  Sure love my mom and sister.

And Auntie.

And Grandmom.

Liam and Grammy being silly.

Ruby and Noah

Kissing cousins...

Sariah played recorder in her 4th grade concert.

Ben and Abba chillin'

Me at a Young Women Camp ropes course.

We train 'em young!

Meilani continued with her club volleyball team.

Eli as a Greek god for a walk through ancient Greece at school.

Family dinner night at Ono Hawaiian.  We won a free family meal with this pic!

Just one of those no clean laundry, pizza dinner at Costco kind of days.

Ammon kicked off summer by breaking his arm by falling off the teeter totter in the backyard.

This is a week after they reset the bone with a splint.

Anther week later the bone didn't heal correctly and we got the news that he'd need emergency surgery to re-break and set the bone with a pin.  I left Modesto in the morning, tag teamed Ben who took Ammon for surgery...

while I took Ruby to Oakland for a procedure with her urologist...

where we found out she also would need a bladder/urinary tract reconstruction.  Fun day!

Surgery and a cast didn't stop our dare devil though!

He was pretty mad that he couldn't do the obstacle course at the community fair and settled on iron man face paint instead.

We finished out the school year with Sariah getting a citizenship award.

Open House where Eli went as Pounce The Panther.

I volunteered to present at Career Day at school about my job as a mother.  These were the super sweet thank you notes from students.

And we carried on as "that family" with a chicken occasionally making her way into the family room.

Meilani finished out 8th grade with her BFFs, Zharah and Maddie.

They were headed to the dinner/dance.

I'm beyond proud of this beauty!

Graduation photo

And Ruby continued to entertain us with her toddler antics like carrying hot wheel cars in her onesie.

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