Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Meilani and one of her BFFs, Maddie.

Ruby girl, for cuteness sake.

A doodle collage of Meilani's upcoming summer.

We collected boxes for a month so the young women could play real life Angry Birds.

Meilani's friend did her hair for Volleyball pictures.  Meilani wasn't too sure about the big hair, but I loved it!

Us girls took a trip to Reno for Meilani's volleyball tournament.  We found a good hotel rate online.  When we went to check in however, I felt like I was on the scene of a mafia movie in the trashiest casino in Reno.  We got up to our room and I held back tears to be brave.  The 10 inch tube TV, velvet curtains, and grimy beds were horrific.  To top it off the door didn't lock.  Even after two calls for them to fix it, nothing had changed.  I called Ben and painted the picture for him.  He asked if we could make it work for the night as we already paid for it and it was really late.  "Ummmmmm..."  He then asked the magic question:  "Do you feel safe."  Definite no there, so with Ben's blessing, we headed downstairs to fight with the front desk.  Ben found a last minute deal at the hotel where most of the other volleyball teams were staying.  We all heaved a sigh of relief when we checked into our second hotel.  One review of the first hotel we were in said not to get in the pool as there was more semen than chlorine...yuck.

The next night I was even more thankful we switched hotels as Meilani ended up sleep walking in the night.  At 3:00 in the morning the hotel phone rang.  Meilani was crying that she couldn't get in the room and that I didn't answer when she was knocking.  Initially I was mad, wondering where she went, why she'd sneak out.  Apparently she had slept walked into the hall and locked herself out.  Upon questioning her she burst into tears and had no idea what happened.  All she knew was that she work up in the hall and I didn't answer the door.  When I didn't answer after lots of knocking she said a prayer, then remembered that there was a phone by the elevator.  That did the trick but it was scary for both of us and I'm so thankful we weren't at the first hotel as there were creepy looking people there and no courtesy phones in the hall.    

On Sunday we went to church, then spent some time at the Reno temple grounds.  It was beautiful and peaceful in what ended up being an overwhelming weekend.

Liam had a belated spy party with his buddies.  I've become the queen of last minute shin-digs.

Sariah and the infamous Mission Project.  We broke down and bought the kit this time.  We joked: "Good job Sariah, you've mastered the 4th grade standard of painting the roof red!"

Ben played in a staff vs students basketball game.  Pretty fun to watch.

Sethie has started learning to read and loves sounding out words.

These beauties are my former young women who are now grown up women embarking on missions, marriage, and independent life.  They come visit me when they're in town, usually late at night, and we catch up on life adventures and laugh a lot.  I sure love them!!!  I hope they'll always come visit!

Quick stop at the temple.  I wanted to hang these in the kids' rooms.

Quick Hello visit to Tompa

Family dinner at Sean and Lori's.  We sang Happy Birthday to Sariah...

and Ammon beat her to the candles!

On her actual birthday...

Notice Ammon trying again!

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