Thursday, June 16, 2016


Sethie Pooh graduated from Transitional Kindergarten.

It was such a cute class with all his friends!

He was pretty happy to get a candy lei from Mom.

With his friends who all have late fall birthdays.

I love my boy!  He's growing up too fast!

Meilani graduated from 8th grade.  Seriously, where is the time going?

She gave a beautiful speech at the graduation ceremony as ASB President.

Words can't express how proud and pleased we are with this amazing daughter!  She's a light, a leader, and such a blessing to our family.  Her future is bright!

Lani with her teacher great-grandmothers.

The day after surgery to insert a pin in his arm, Ammon ripped out all the packing from underneath his split.  Seriously this boy is challenging!  He was writhing in pain for several days and kept asking us to just take the pin off.  It was torture.

We went and bought some stronger wrap after he repeatedly removed the ace bandage, so as to keep his splint and arm in place.

After the swelling went down, we were off to get a real cast, much to my relief!

Swinging it!

Not too happy that he can't move his elbow.

Blueberry picking and ice cream eating with friends.

The waterproof cast cover came to the rescue for water activities!  Why do children always break bones during summer?  We've never had an injury in winter!

Ruby girl loving the pool.

How he rolls.

After a couple weeks we were concerned that the pin site was infected so back to the Dr. we went.

No infection, but new, shorter cast.

Which proved to be a mistake because on our road trip to Utah, the little punk kept trying to take his cast off.  I had to pull over several times during the week to jam it back on his arm after which he'd complain and cry that the padding was all bumpy.  *BIG sigh*

We dropped Meilani off at EFY, a youth conference at BYU for the week.

I cried after dropping her off.  I realized that time is short and she's going to be grown and gone in the blink of an eye.  Time flies on wings of lightening.

Meanwhile, Eli left with his troop to scout camp at 4 am one morning.

Meilani's EFY group

The hot tub at our condo for the week.

The littles and I explored Utah while Meilani was at EFY.

Ammon insisted on planting a "tree."

Park playing

Pool swimming (side note, witnessing a boy nearly drown at the community pool was the most frightening thing I've ever seen).

Gondola ride at the ski resort.

Mini golf

Rock climbing

Waterfall hiking.

Those little specks are Liam and Sariah at the very top of the falls.

Catching up with old friends.  Oh how I love this girl.

And a little Utah souvenir on the way home.  A WARNING instead of a speeding ticket.  The officer took pity on the lone mama with screaming kids in the background.

Oregon cousins stopped by on their way through CA.

My book end girls.  Sure love them!

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