Monday, January 25, 2016


Meilani's convinced Sariah to be her hair model as of late.

Ben took the kids to the hardware store to get a couple things.  He came home with chicks.  He bought them like you buy m&ms at the checkout.  When they all returned home I asked why he bought them.  He said he couldn't resist the kids' puppy dog eyes and pleading.  The cashier looked concerned that the chicks were leaving with a pack of wild children.  She gave some quick instructions about using a lamp to keep them warm and what to feed them.  

This little lady likes to come snuggle in my bed in the early mornings.  

Lots of block building lately.

I don't remember where we were coming from, but everyone was pooped with their heads hanging down.

St. Patricks Day Dinner

Ruby liked the cream.

Brown-eyed boy.

Rainbow fruit parfait.

Green calzones, more tasty than they look.

He found the treasure.

We're wishing diapers were made in a size 7.

Meilani and Eli had some friends over after Dance Instruction.

They made marshmallow stick creations.

This girl loves to shop!  She was so patient trying on clothes and picking out her favorite outfits.  I see lots of shopping trips in our future!

Eli's school basketball team.  Go Panthers!

Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  There was a special golden egg with $20 at stake so the kids all tore off.  Sariah was so fast that this is the only pic with her in it!

Ruby wanted to do it all herself.

Sethie pausing for a pic.

Liam looking.

Ammon excited.

Eli, can't stop to look at the camera.

Ammon hunting under the tramp.

My nephew Noah taking in the scene.

My niece Abby searching.

Meilani found the golden egg.  Uncle Jared may or may not have given away the hiding place.  He figures 14 year olds need cash more than anyone else.

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