Thursday, January 7, 2016


At the beginning of February we cashed in on Grammy's Christmas gift with a family trip to Disneyland.
We checked into Paradise Pier.

After getting to our rooms, we promptly realized that we'd already lost a kid.  Ruby didn't make it on the elevator with the rest of us.  I raced downstairs and found her happy as a clam greeting all the hotel guests in the lobby.  Security was just getting there as I ran up.  The hotel cast members said she should be offered a job!

Seth and Ammon with Uncle Sean and Lolo.

We started off with dinner at Goofy's Kitchen and had a blast!

Ammon was smitten with Goofy and didn't want to leave.

First order of business...

Space Mountain.

Not such a fan afterwards.

A little tea cup action.

Love my mommy.

Ah to be a teenager again!

We learned this trip that Seth is quite the climber.  He climbed on every wall, rope and bar in sight while we waited in line.

Sethie braved Tower of Terror with me but didn't want to go again.

Cute Noah, my nephew.

These two were quite a pair!

Grammy sure loves a good carousel ride!

I'm pretty sure someone was crying the entire trip, but hey, it's how it goes with 7 kids.

And we only lost this sucker 3 times!  The first time he was gone in a split second and we couldn't find him for 20 minutes or so.  I was getting really worried and kept saying to myself "no child's ever been kidnapped from Disneyland!"  After that first time I sharpied my phone number on his arm and taught him to show it to people if he lost me.  It came in handy by the 3rd day!

Liam was thrilled to get picked to be in the Star Wars performance.

Seth was a little unsure.

I stayed out with the shorties (Seth, Ammon, Abby, Ruby, and Noah) while everyone else rode Big Thunder Mountain, and wouldn't you know it, the train broke down!  I had no money on me and the 5 littles were starving and cranky.  Ammon kept trying to seal food from the vendor near where we were standing.  I wanted to move but getting them all to walk with me in one direction was like herding cats, and of course Noah and Ruby were hysterical in the stroller and both wanted to be held.  One of the longest hours of my life!  People were staring.

parade watching

Trying to get a pic with Cinderella was hysterical.  Ruby kept strangling Noah and had a darn good grip on him.  I was kneeling down and nearly fell over trying to loosen her grip.  The photographer was like "Ummm, ma'am, your baby is choking your baby."  The more I tried to get her to let go, the tighter she held on.  Cinderella kept saying "Oh dear!"  It was a riot.

Ben took a day off from work and surprised everyone by joining the party.  I painstakingly painted these matching family shirts before the trip.  FYI, buy some.  Seriously.  Not worth the effort, but cute nonetheless.

Soon to be newlyweds.

Sweet pic of Grammy and Mickey.  She's really a kid at heart!

Breakfast before heading home. 

Stitch was a blast with the kids!

When we got the bill for breakfast it was more than any meal should ever cost.  This was kind of the point in the trip that we vowed never to go to Disneyland again, but ya never know.

Fun trip!  Thanks so much Grammy!

We were traveling on Eli's 12th birthday so kind of celebrated in Disneyland, but all that didn't compare to the real Happiest Place on Earth, the temple!  

We enjoyed some one on one time with our boy as we took him to do baptisms for the dead for the first time.  We adore this boy and his never ending sweetness!!!  He's really such a gift to our family!

And then at the end of the month, this cute fella was baptized!  Liam is our true middle child so all of his big milestones feel like the beginning of the end of parenting for me, which is bittersweet.  Liam was so excited to be baptized and was really into planning all the details of his special day.  We're do proud of him and his decision to follow our Savior and be baptized.  Our good friend interviewed him prior to his baptism and asked if I had prepped him prior to the meeting...nope, this boy's just ready!

A few pics from our little baptism photo shoot.

Love this boy so much!

The whole family came out to support.

A little school project gem from Liam.  I love finding these in their backpacks!

Family dinner at my mom's to celebrate the February and March Birthdays.

Eli's first Mutual Activity after turning 12 was an etiquette dinner and dance.  He tried to convince me to let him skip, but I think he was glad he went in the end.  This sweet girl has been his friend since preschool!

Basketball season ended

Volleyball continued for Meilani

exploring during one of her tournaments

These two are famous for this pose!

Some church activity we were off to.  Love my girlies!

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