Monday, November 23, 2015

January 2015

A day in the life...

even Ruby can work a cell phone!

Ben and Eli went on a Scout campout.

Making a fire.

Eli's way of cleaning up...only 1 trip upstairs!

Meilani celebrated her 14th birthday.  We didn't have a big celebration this year.  She did hang out with a couple friends one day to celebrate, but when you're 14, you're kind of too cool for kiddie parties.

And you must take selfies!

lots of selfies!

Ben and Tyson bonding at mom's after family dinner.

During Christmas break these two took a bike ride together.  I'm so glad that they're getting older and becoming good friends.

Kiddos packed in the bus.

Liam really needed some one on one time so we went out for fondue.  Liam was such a gentleman, holding my door, and being so kind.  It was a great night and such a treat to be with Liam all by himself.

Sariah received an award at school.

Meilani went to her first youth dance at church.  She didn't have the best time as most of her friends aren't 14 yet and weren't there, but she had a great attitude anyway.

After an obscene amount of debating, we decided to give club volleyball a try.  Here's Meilani at her first tournament.  Overall the commitment was intense, but Meilani grew a lot in her ability.  We were thankful that the head coach was willing to work around her Sunday church commitments.  

We were out looking for matching t-shirts for our upcoming family Disneyland trip.  Poor Ruby had had enough shopping.

Family dinner at my mom's with Princcess Mutti.

Liam brought this home in a stack of classwork.  "I am thankful for the temple because the temple gives me testimony, strength, and it makes my family stronger.  You can be sealed forever and the temple makes my family happy.  The temple helps me learn about my family history.  I am glad the temple is on the earth."  What a gem!  Enough to melt a mother's heart!

Sibling snuggling

A little post Christmas shopping with Rubs.

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