Monday, November 23, 2015

Blog Blunders

Well, today's November 23rd, 2015, and I have yet to blog even one post from this year.  I'm not sure how it happened.  Or why.  Somewhere in the fog of this year, I gave up...on lots of things actually, but that's another story.   Tragically in the midst of crying toddlers, and messy floors, lonely days and sleepless nights, I also gave up on writing about our daily happenings.  In the hindsight I sit in today, I can see that I've kind of lost myself in the process.  And while the chaos of life is challenging, this little blog right here helps me keep the frustration and overwhelmed-ness of it all in perspective.  And right now, I feel like I've missed some of the joy, some of the happy snippets of monotony, because I stopped reflecting, stopped writing, and in turn, drown a little in the struggle rather than relishing in the blessing of it all.  Truthfully, the weight of life and the guilt of not living it fully has caught of with me, and as a result, my camera is quite a bit less full, and my heart is heavy.  The impression to continue blogging is strong, and I feel compelled and paralyzed at the same time.

As a result, here's our year, in a nutshell.  Many details will have faded by now, but it's my last ditch attempt at not giving up...maybe even on myself.  The photos are not quality, most from my phone, and as the goal is to get completely caught up by the end of the week, I doubt the writing will be witty.  Hopefully though, my kids will look back and realize that I'm just trying my best..same as them.

Here comes January...

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eclaires said...

Hi Danelle! I just wanted to comment to say even though you obviously blog for yourself (so do I), I enjoy your posts. And whether or not anyone reads my posts, it's therapeutic for me, both in the process of writing as well as the looking back on it later. It's worth it.

A woman in our ward growing up once said that her mantra in life was this: "If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing poorly." My mom loved that phrase. I, on the other hand, held tight to my perfectionist ways and really detested that phrase. It made me angry because I couldn't understand at the time why you would ever do something poorly when you could work a little harder and do it perfectly. Oh, how my young mind had NO idea the realities of life yet.

Over the years, the older I get, the more busy and complicated and full my life gets, the more I understand and appreciate Sister Mitchell's mantra. Something is better than nothing. And that something will be good enough someday. And you'll be glad you can look back on something, rather than nothing.

So keep it up, whenever you can. Do it for yourself now and do it for yourself and your kids later. :)