Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy New Year

I did not get Christmas cards out...or even a Christmas email, so Happy New Year it is.  Sent late at night, December 31st via email and is what it is people.

Happy New Year Friends!
We love you, miss you, and are ever grateful for your friendship and the experiences we've shared. May 2015 bring blessings to you and yours. Feel free to keep up with us at
Ben, Danelle and Family
2014 Highlights:
In August Ben opened the brand new Mountain House High School, sans textbooks, and is in the middle of the comprehensive exams for his doctoral program.
After three years, Danelle was released as Young Women President at church and is now the Assistant Camp Director and volunteers with PTA when she's not cleaning up spills. New hardwood floors help with the latter.
Meilani (13) was elected as Student Body President and just started playing club volleyball.
Eli (11) has developed musically progressing in piano and taking up the baritone at school. He and Sariah went with Ben to General Conference in Utah last October.
Sariah (9) made the all star soccer team with her mad goalie skills and equally loves basketball.
Liam (7) loves sports, continues to tower over his friends, and has a special little bond with Ruby.
Seth (5) started transitional kindergarten, loves doing homework and is a Frozen fanatic.
Ammon (3) loves to be outside and can work our iphones better than we can.
Ruby (16 months) is "Miss Independent," has perfected the "duck face," and hates shoes (but loves slippers).

Meilani, 13

Eli, 11

Liam, 7

Sariah, 9

Seth, 5

Ammon, 3

Ruby, 1

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