Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Pet ownership has ended unfortunately and abruptly for us.  Owen, the perfect most friendly cat around has disappeared.  We are so sad and a kinda mad all at the same time.  Over the last few months he's become somewhat of a celebrity, gaining fame and friends all over Mountain House, and being named as our neighborhood mascot.  Until recently he would roam free all around town and would come home at night when we would call for him.  He would love to snuggle and to play and was so good with the kids, tolerating their play and love so well.  He frequently ended up on the Mountain House facebook page because of his over-friendly-ness.  People would assume he's was an indoor cat who's gotten out.  I've had to respond to many threads about the orange tabby with the blue collar, go retrieve him a few times from well meaning neighbors, and repeatedly remind people that he is in fact an outdoor cat, that he knows the way home, and that we do love in fact love and care for him.  The facebook posts got so frequent and comical that we made him this name tag and planned to open his own facebook page.

Unfortunately Owen never made it home in time to wear his bling.  One day a woman posted a photo of him in a cage and said he was almost hit by a car in the morning.  I was alerted to the post as usual and sent a message to the lady who never responded.  The thread that had Owen in a cage had a lot of negative comments on it saying we were negligent pet owners and that Owen should be an indoor cat already.  Ben commented asking people not to judge our pet parenting styles and assured people that we do love and care for him but that he's an outdoor cat.  Immediately both Ben's post and the original thread were deleted and Owen has never been seen again...by anyone...not even the countless people around town who's yards and fences he would frequent on a daily basis.  Someone who knew the lady who had him caged claims that she let him go once we explained he was an outdoor cat, but it's a little odd that the friendliest cat in the world has never been heard from again after that incident.  We're pretty sure that someone "re-homed" him.  For a couple weeks there was a #freeowen campaign going around town and several people changed their profile pictures in support.  It was pretty funny, and embarrassing all at the same time.  It's possible he was eaten by local wildlife, but I really think someone took our kitty.  The kids took it pretty hard and we hold out hope that one day he'll escape his new indoor home, and come back to us.  He was sure a special cat with the most fun and joyful personality.  I'm glad he was able to bring happiness and entertainment to so many neighbors.  In some ways he created a sense of unity and friendship with people in town I wouldn't have otherwise met.  #freeowen

These are pics from random people who visited with Owen in his many travels and then posted his mug on facebook.

Ben got a call at work one day from the principal at the school around the corner from us saying that Owen was causing mischief at the local Elementary School.  Apparently he made it on to the school yard and was playing with the kids at recess.  We found out later that Owen had also made an appearance in a classroom on the first day of school in one of the first grade classes.  Too friendly for his own good I tell ya. 

Meilani loved wrapping him up in little bags.

Even Sethie warmed up to him in time and liked to sneak him into the house where he'd run up to our room and hide under our bed.  Liam was best at coaxing him out.  

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