Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Day in the Life

One time someone, who shall remain nameless, asked me "What DO you do all day."  Here's my pictorial response:

What I do all day:  Ties, books, 100 pictures taken on my cell phone while I was cleaning up a cupcake disaster (not pictured).  Already late getting Ruby down for a nap because I'm trying to clean up the messes and get laundry put away.

Half a package of turkey wasted while arranging a ride home for Liam, after making 5 star shaped sandwiches for three kids.

We need a new dishwasher.  It's gong to be close to 500 bucks to attempt to fix this one and even then, it likely won't work.  The computer board is totally melted.  The guy today said he doesn't' know what the other guy was thinking.  There's also a mouse nest in the back and he said it's likely that the mice chewed up the electrical and even replacing the one computer box won't mean there's not other damage in the other parts.  The whole thing is likely to overheat again right after we put in new parts.

Muddy and poopy baby complete with lake in the backyard during the 20 minutes they were in the backyard while I was making 6 lasagnas.

Powdered sugar celebration with footprints everywhere while I was dealing with Ruby.

2 back to back time outs for jumping on Ammon's back while he was laying on the floor then whacking him in the head with the blue bouncy ball.  No photo of Ammon's blue lips from him crying without breathing.

Ran this little lady back to school at 5 pm to get her homework she left in her desk.  In the process got to meet the principal's wife.  She was especially impressed with my frizzy fly aways, our muddy 4 year old who wouldn't stop climbing on the pillars despite the principal's wife's concern for his saftety, the 2 year old sans pants, and the baby who was delivered to me by the 4 year old.  They were all buckled in the car when I got out to help Sariah.

While I as unloading groceries from Winco.

I can't make this stuff up...seriously!

A few additional Ammon antics to prove that this wasn't just a bad day:
Riding circles through the isles of Walmart while I was trying to shop for a bike for Eli.

Stuck atop the backstop at a soccer game.

2 nearby soccer dads had to climb up to get him down.

Splenda snack all over the kitchen on another day despite the lock on the pantry.

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