Tuesday, November 25, 2014

According to the iPhone

Eli the baby whisperer.

Cousin secrets

Justin and Liam starting soccer...you know, before you loose the nice water bottles and resort to the disposable ones.

Eli and his buddy selling slushies that didn't slush and cotton candy from a machine that blew a circut.  

This gal knows she's the princess and insists on wearing the crown.

Selfie Queen

Liam bonding with a goose at the duck pond.  

Sethie and Princess

Our friends the Eastons have lived in this area for 30 plus years but are moving away now that they're both retired.  Sandy came by one night to give Ben a penciled drawing of the old Lammersville School house.  They bought it at an auction years ago and thought Ben was the perfect person to hand it down to because of his love and dedication to the Lammersville School District.  

After doing a little family history we discovered that our good friend Amanda is really our good cousin Amanda!  She and Ben are 4th cousins through Thomas Rowell Levitt.  They're even related through the same wife!  We knew we loved her!  Allison went to school the next day and told everyone she was cousins with the high school principal and was a little disappointed that no one really cared. 

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