Monday, December 23, 2013

Ruby's Baby Blessing

Ruby received her baby blessing in church on Sunday, September 1st, 2013.  It was a beautiful day.  In the priesthood blessing Ruby was told that she was born to a large family who desired for her to come, by both her parents and siblings.  She was blessed with health and strength and was promised that she has a great work to do here.  She was told that she'd be an example to her peers and family and that she would help others come to the knowledge of the gospel and that she would understand Heavenly Father's plan and share it with others.  She was blessed to come to a family with great missionary zeal and encouraged to follow the example of her siblings in this regard.  She was blessed with a desire to be sealed in the temple and to be a kind, obedient, and reverent child.  She was encouraged to speak to Heavenly Father in prayer as a friend and encouraged to have courage and to be righteous even in dark situations.  She was blessed to understand and recognize the Spirit and promised that he would guid her in righteousness.

Ruby's blessing was distinctly different than the other kids' blessings.  It wasn't really what was said so much as the feeling there.  I had the impression that her sweet little spirit is unique and important not only to our Heavenly Father, but very special in our family.  I felt privledged to be her mother as I listened to the whisperings of the Spirit while Ben pronounced the blessing.  I had no doubt that families are eternal and that Ruby is an integral part of our eternal bonds.  

Sweet baby, in her blessing white.

Big brother Eli helping keep her warm till it was time to get dressed.  He's such a helper.

The whole fam in attendance, Niki and Joe with their kids, Pam and Norm, Grammy, Jared and meg with Abby.

Our not so little family.

After church we went to my cousin Ryan's wedding, then to Pam and Norm's house for dinner.  It was a great day.

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