Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Job

May was a tumultuous month for us.  Ben was interviewing all over the Bay Area for high school principal jobs.  Pleasanton had two openings and we were pretty confident that he'd get one of them, but we kept our options open just to be on the safe side.  During the process Ben made it to the final round of interviews in a couple of districts and even ended up turning down a job in San Jose because he wanted to see how things panned out in Pleasanton before taking a job with a huge commute.  During all of this interviewing our own Lammersville School District was interviewing candidates for the principal of the new high school which is now being constructed.  Lammersville didn't find any viable candidates after the first round of interviews and reposted the position.  At this point we decided to take a leap of faith.  Ben resigned from his position on our  local School Board for the opportunity to apply to be principal of Mountain House High School.  Up until this point we hadn't had any serious intentions of applying for a job here but felt prompted that this was the right move at the right time.  The waiting that ensued was almost as bad as waiting for a baby to be born.  Towards the end of May Ben found out that he was not being offered either high school principal job in Pleasanton, which was a huge blow, and we still hadn't heard anything from Lammersville.  We were on pins and needles.  We weren't sure how the School Board would feel about Ben applying for a job in the district and wondered if we'd passed up a great job opportunity and given up an elected School Board position for nothing.  In the end, everything fell into place and on June 5th Ben was named the founding principal of Mountain House High School.  I was tearing up a bit at the board meeting so thankful for this tender mercy.  Several board members and the Superintendent had incredibly complimentary things to say about Ben and his great work ethic.  The school is scheduled to open next fall so Ben will spend this next year planning and preparing all of the ins and outs of the high school.  The school itself is nearly across the street from our house.  I think he'll have the shortest commute in town and we couldn't be happier to have him working so close to home.  We love our little town and are excited to be intimately involved with the educational system here.  You can't get more vested in the community then being the principal of your own kids' high school!  What a blessing!    

Construction of the Mountain House High School as of 6/5/13

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