Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15 Years

On the 17th Ben and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary.  15 years sounds so long, and yet, it's gone by in the blink of an eye, which in turn, make me so thankful that we have an eternity to be together.  I don't think that we can look back and pin point any one event that has led to the success of our marriage.  I think it's the little daily decisions we make to keep trying, to love more, and to sacrifice for the good of our family that makes all the difference.  It's the covenants we've made to each other and to God that bring power and peace to our lives.  That naive young girl in me 15 years ago could have never imagined the depth and intensity of love that was to come.  I'm so thankful for a hard working and considerate husband who has become a part of my very soul as we've grown together through the trials and difficulties of life.  

Ben sent me my favorite lavender roses, the same kind we had at our wedding.

For dinner we went to Scala's Bistro in San Francisco.  I love this place because they treat you like royalty!  They had this menu custom printed for us.

We sat at the table of the infamous Brown Twins.  We actually sat across from them at this very table years ago.

The death by chocolate was divine!

It was a great evening.  Very intimate.  It was nice to have a long car ride and dinner to talk, uninterrupted, and to connect emotionally.  Our busy lives don't allow us that privilege too often.  This isn't the best quality picture, but I think we look a lot alike here, no?  Isn't there some saying that the more time you spend with someone the more you look like them?

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