Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And Now We Wait...

I have no pending blog posts.  The nesting to-do list is pretty well checked off.  And now I sit here, just waiting, for our precious little Ruby to make her entrance.  I'm tired, physically and emotionally drained, and well, tired.  My body hurts.  I'm huge, and I've lost all motivation.  I'm done.  Strangers have started asking me how many babies I'm carrying, which is even worse than the "Are you having twins?" question.  My neighbor told me yesterday that she'd never seen a pregnant belly as big as mine.  It's time.  We're getting to the point of ridiculous now.  And yet, as much as I long to feel like myself again, able to bend and breath and move without pain, I'm slightly terrified of the process to get there.  I'm sure it sounds strange that a woman pregnant with her seventh child would be fearful of labor.  I did after all sign up for this.  However, I think that the more times you endure labor, the more you remember the pain.  Recently we had to dig out the kids' birth certificates to enroll in our new insurance.  I was pretty shocked to see that Ammon was born just an hour and a half after the first contraction, so part of me is also freaked out that we won't even make it to the hospital in time.  I know logistically it's a long shot, but I do have a friend who's daughter is named Camry after the car she was born in.  So alas I wait, anxious to meet our new daughter whom I'm already in love with, nervous that I have to push a watermelon sized human being out of my body again, wanting to just get it over with already.  Here's to hoping...and more waiting.  Ugh.

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