Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

We hope our “11th hour” e-card finds you well and snuggled up with your loved ones to celebrate the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  This year’s been eventful for our family, filled with the typical busyness of a large brood.  Yet even in the midst of our jam packed schedules and hustle and bustle, we frequently reminisce with fondness, you, our friends, who have touched our hearts and blessed our lives over the years.  When I’m perusing Facebook photos or blogs the kids are frequently asking over my shoulder “Is that our friend,” and I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell them about the many friends we come to love.  We hope the new year brings growth, comfort, and peace to you and your family.  We are thankful for a loving Heavenly Father, and brother, Jesus Christ, whose gospel offers so much joy and purpose in our lives.  We love you and would love to see or hear from you!

Ben, Danelle, and family

2012 in Review:

Ben:  Started a doctoral program in Educational Leadership this summer and now spends his “free time” writing and rewriting papers.  He’s still working as an Elementary School Principal and is enjoying utilizing his musical talents as the Ward Choir Director and Primary Chorister at church.

Danelle:  Loves serving the young women at church as she oversees about 20 girls aged 12 – 18, planning activities and Sunday lessons.  Still a crafter at heart, she pins ideas than she hopes one day to have time to make.  She lives by her Google calendar is expecting baby #7 in July!

Meilani:  Has a love for volleyball, recently starting getting paying babysitting gigs, and is about to pass up Danelle in height any second now.

Eli:  Had an outstanding soccer season, recently took up residence in our “Harry Potter” closet under the stairs, and had a starring role in his class Christmas play.

Sariah:  Had an amazing soccer season, really settled into her role as big sister when she started sharing a room with Seth, constantly has a ball in her hands.

Liam:  Loves when he gets to buy lunch at school, is learning to read and always has time for a story, is our resident fort builder.

Seth:  Our social butterfly, daily asking to play with friends, loves to help in the kitchen, and always wants to take a bath.

Ammon:  Takes his role as “baby monster” seriously, frequently emptying cabinets and dumping toys.  He will still snuggle on occasion and has eyelashes to die for.    

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