Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas

Ben and I didn't even begin our Christmas shopping until December 22nd.  Pro: We were able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, the celebration of our Savior, throughout the month.  Con: The two days before Christmas were CRAZY with heaps of stress and worry and very little sleep.  I didn't purposely put off the gift getting, it just seems that with 6 kids, a nursing newborn, Ben still working, and a little more than our fair share of the sickies, finding time was impossible.  In the end, it all got done and we enjoyed a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

Sariah showing off her rockstar hair on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve we hung out at home while I almost finished sewing some art kits for the kids.  They took much longer than I expected and we were a tad late to Grandmom's for our annual Lafferty family party.  I told Ben that these kids better treasure these art kits (of which I didn't even get a picture!) for a lifetime after all the time and effort I spent!

Watching a personal video from Santa.

Gifts from Papaw

Santa made it out of here around 2:00 am I believe.  At 3:00 when I got up to feed the baby I heard little voices in the hall.  Eli, Sariah, and Liam were headed downstairs to open gifts.  They were sent back to bed until 6:00 am.  

Waiting for the "go ahead."  Ammon was still sleeping.

From Santa

It's the end of an era when your child wants clothes instead of toys from Santa.

After a leisurely morning, we got dressed and went to church.  It was really a treat that Christmas fell on a Sunday this year.  Ben conducted the choir, and Meilani and I sang in it.  At one point Ben was rocking Ammon in his carseat with his foot while he conducted one of the songs.  Pretty funny.  It was great to be at church worshiping with our ward family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  I loved that the true meaning of the day didn't get lost under the mounds of wrapping paper.

Ben, trying out Sariah's pogo stick.

Both sides of the family came over for dinner after church.

Mutti and Abba gave the kids a beach towel with certificates for swim lessons this summer.  My kind of gift!

Grammy gave everyone hats and gloves and some snow sleds to take on an upcoming snow trip.  I can't wait.  I need a vacation!

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