Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

For New Year's Danae came to visit.

We rode bart into the city to go visit Mimmie and Tompa.  We also had a shopping day, went to the movies, and hung out like old times.

The kids love playing at Mimmie and Tompa's house and at the park across the street.  Ben loves playing their white baby grand piano.  I love snooping around the house next door that's been practically abandoned for decades.  The place seriously looks like a movie set from the 60's!

A little cuteness, no real reason!

He's getting to be quite the chunk.

We also fulfilled our New Year's tradition of making cabbage rolls.  This year Auntie and Grandmom came to our house for the rolling.  

And I fell asleep!  I did wake up to help.  I shouldn't have had that cat nap though, because in the meantime, Auntie and Meilani rolled two big pots without realizing that they left out several key ingredients in the meat.  We had to disassemble all the rolls, re-mix the meat and start again.  The cabbage rolls were quite worth the extra effort.  Next year, no napping, I must supervise!

While Danae was here she explained to me mathematically (she's a smarty pants Math professor) why time seems to go by so much faster as we age.  When we're young, one year is a big amount of time in relation to how long we've lived.  For example, when you're four, one year is a fourth of your life.  As we age however, each year become less and less of a percentage of the amount of time we've been alive, thus resulting in time feeling as if it's going by more quickly.  So 2011 is 1/32nd of my life.  Get it?  Makes sense right?  Cheers to 2012.  I know it's going to pass even quicker than this year.  Here's to more joy, love, and experience.  I'm going to drink it all in!

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