Monday, January 2, 2012


They say "time flies when you're having fun."  My life must be a blast because I feel like I've been living in fast forward mode ever since Ammon was born.  I can't quite figure out how it happend, but Christmas came around again.  Didn't we just do Christmas yesterday?  December, nonetheless, was fun filled and jam packed with events and festivities.  Even with a full calendar, I still feel like we didn't quite get to all the little things I always want to do.  Crafts, songs, service, new traditions.  I guess that's why we get to celebrate every year.  Maybe tomorrow's Christmas will see some of those extra things actually checked off my list.  Here's a rundown of our month:

Setting up the nativity set.  Baby Jesus took a tumble this year thanks to Sethie.  We'll have to superglue his head back on next year.

Trimming the tree

Lights up at the Temple (note to self for future reference, the lights don't go on at 6:00 pm like the brochure says.  The hour and forty minute musical program starts at six with the lighting after.  That little fact made for a LONG night with the kiddos.)

Ammon hit his one month mark!

I decided that I've officially outgrown Sears Portrait Studio.  I took these at home after much frustration with the teenage "photographer" at the store.  I know I'm no professional, but it was all I could do not to snatch the camera out of the girl's hands!

The little boys and I neglected house work and showers one day in favor of a candy making.  

Seth was on dish detail.

Ammon grew in size and cuteness.

Liam played the inn keeper and a wise man at his Joy School Nativity play.

He was really shy during the play clinging to my leg, but warmed up in time to hand out cards.

Here he is saying his line during the Joy School Christmas party.

Meilani had a band concert.

Sariah got awards for citizenship and reading.

Sariah and her homies.

Eli got an award for good citizenship too.

Meilani got awards for citizenship and superintendent's honor roll.

Sariah had her music concert.

Rockin' "I'm a Little Tea Pot."  

We hosted out annual White Elephant Christmas Party.  It was a blast!!!!!

Unbeknownst to our co-host friend Aaron, I stole a picture of him off his wife's facebook page and blew it up poster size as one of our gifts for the game.  Boy was he surprised!  Jake and Emma were the winners at  the end of the night, or maybe the loosers!

Ben's cousin Nikki, her husband Joe and their kids came to visit.  We had a fun day exploring San Francisco and enjoyed catching up with them.

In front of the tree on Union Square.

Checking out the largest gingerbread house in the Saint Francis Hotel.

The kids were in heaven with cousins to play with!  I was in heaven with extra helpers!

We sure wish these guys lived next door!

Ammon loves his baths!

I went with the youth of our ward to the Oakland Temple for a Super Activity.  I left amazed at the strength and testimony these kids have!  I'm so lucky to get to work with them.

Our sweet bishopric.

Me and my amazing counselors.  I love these ladies.  

The kids had a gingerbread making day with Grammy and Titi.

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Anonymous said...

Wow what a great December you had! I love your white elephant gift. And I see that the lighted christmas tree picture is still coming around! I remember that from the party I went to! lol