Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Family Pictures

On Thanksgiving I snapped some new family pics in my in-laws backyard. I think it was the most painless family photo shoot ever! The kids wore what I told them to, no one cried, we snapped a bunch of family shots and were done in 15 minutes! I ordered a little collage thing from Walgreen's and the photo studio called verify that the images weren't copyrighted, because they looked professional! I about broke out in laughter but was so flattered at the compliment! When I went to pick up the picture, the lady gave me the third degree about the images. I said "I took them myself." She then said, "But you're in the pictures." Well that was true. My father-in-law snapped the one with me in it, but I really did the rest all by myself. I feel pretty proud of my photography improvement even if it is just a fluke!

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Beck Family said...

Those pictures are awesome. Too funny that they gave you such a hard time.