Monday, November 28, 2011

New Calling

Just a few weeks before Ammon was born I got a new calling at church.  I'm now the Young Women's President in our ward (congregation) which means I get to hang out with these amazing girls on a weekly basis.  This new calling will take significantly more time than my previous one did, but I'm glad for the opportunity to serve and hope I can somehow help these lovely ladies grow into the women they are meant to be.  When the Bishop issued the call he explained how he was inspired to know that I was the right person for the "job."  He said that no man of his own free will would ask a pregnant woman to take on such a demanding calling.  Poor guy!  I am thankful that he followed the promptings of the Spirit despite his personal concern for me.  I know I'll grow and learn even more than I'll teach in this new adventure.

This was at our "Modest is Hottest" what not to wear fashion show.  It was a really fun night. 

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Britty said... I can't believe you're YW pres. It MUST have been an inspired call because your attitude is amazing. If you work in this calling remotely close to the way you snapped our Nursery in SL into shape, those girls are in great hands!