Friday, November 25, 2011

The First Weeks

The first days home with a new baby are so special.  The last few weeks of pregnancy drag on like an eternity, yet, the first few weeks with a new baby seemingly pass in the blink of an eye.  It's really not fair.  Ammon is a perfect baby (I'm knocking on wood as I type!).  He eats well, sleeps well, and tolerates the loud moments of chaos like a champ.  Ben was able to take some time off from work which has helped tremendously.  I've taken advantage and enjoyed some duty free days just drinking in our new little babe.  In some of the quiet moments I've gotten lost in Ammon's eyes.  He looks so intensely at me.  Having just left our Father in Heaven's presence, I wonder what he could teach me if only he could speak.  The newness of his life feels so sacred and I feel sure that we were meant to be together in this life.  The joy of a precious new baby has intensified with each addition to our family.  I'm not stressed with figuring things out like I was with the first couple of babies and I can relish even in the late night feedings knowing that those intimate moments of care will vanish before I know it.  Motherhood is grand.  Hard, tiring, but oh so sweet.
Seth is obsessed with holding Ammon.  He's pretty good with him unless I'm holding or nursing him.  Then he likes to bite, pinch, hit, and kick the baby.  He also likes to pick him up and carry him around the neck when I'm not looking.  It's getting better.

Here's the tantrum that ensues when Seth isn't allowed to hold Ammon.

I think this baby is going to be spoiled.  There is no shortage of hands waiting to hold him.

The younger set likes to get into mischief when I'm tied up with feeding the baby.

My attempt at a newborn photo session.  My hat's off to all those real photographers out there!

Ben kept hollering at me "Sleeping in a bowl is not natural Danelle!"

We opted for the un-posed snapshots after that!

First bath

Ammon's hair was so fluffy after getting clean!  I love to stroke his soft little head.

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Hayley said...

can i just say that i love reading your blog? so positive and uplifting... and yet down to earth. your kids are all beautiful. ammon is precious. you haven't aged at all in the 10 years since i've seen you. it doesn't surprise me one bit to see that you and ben are amazing parents and yet, it is still impressive.

(thanks for the diaper rash advice the other day... we are seeing small but steady improvement. finally!)