Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Seth

Sethie turned two on 11/2/11.  I can hardly believe it.  Seth keeps our family on our toes as of late.  He's an opinionated, determined, tumultuous mess maker these days, and while I spend a great deal of my time combating his wake of destruction, he's still as sweet as ever!  I love this boy!  His big squeezes and slobbery kisses melt my heart every day of the week.  I can't imagine our family without him!

10 Fun Facts About Seth:

1.  He loves for me to wrap his bald head in a towel, like I do mine, after he takes a bath.  
2.  Seth loves people!  He warms right up to new people and virtually no one can resist picking him up when he turns on the charm.  It's very embarrassing to me because he frequently requests for other adults to hold him, even when my arms are available. 
3.  Seth loves to read.  Usually at inopportune moments, he'll shove a book in my face, climb on my lap and insist "book-uh."
4.  If it weren't for chicken nuggets and chocolate milk, Seth might die of starvation.
5.  Seth says "yeah" to almost everything we ask him.  It's so cute!
6.  He is still obsessed with shoes of all kinds.
7.  He loves his siblings...a lot.
8.  He's very picky about what he wears.
9.  Seth likes to "help" cook.
10.  He's a climber.  He's got scars on his head to prove it!  


Blowing Kisses

We had a family dinner at Grammy's for the November Birthday Boys.

Making a Wish

Grandmom, the baby hog.

The November Birthday Boys.

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