Friday, September 30, 2011

Fire Station

The little boys and I went on a field trip with the Mountain House Mother's Club to our friendly local fire station.  I haven't been to any activities for a long time, but decided that the boys would love to see the fire truck since they get excited every time we drive by the station.  I realized that as the younger kids in our family, they're kind of getting the shaft.  I'm tired and there's always a lot to do at home, so I've neglected attending little outings like this for far too long.  Time to stop being a hermit!

 When I'd get "chit-chatting" with the other moms, Seth would disappear.  I found him every time cutting in line to sit in the fire truck...over and over again.  Too cute.

 Liam kept heading back to the hose.  He was better than his brother about waiting in line though.

Most of the kids.  Seth not wanting to pose for the picture.

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Amy said...

I too was thinking about how my younger kids aren't getting the smae mom the older kids got . . . I guess I'll have to fix that problem:) Looks like a fun time!