Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For the last couple of months, soccer season has taken up a huge chunk in our weekly schedules.  With 9 hours of practice a week, and 4 games on Saturdays, it's been a challenge to get everyone where they need to go.  The kids have really enjoyed playing though, and that's what makes me trudge along even when I'm pooped.  A friend of mine posted on her blog that none of her kids is over committed activity wise, but that as the coordinator of all the schedules, she's overbooked!  Amen sister!  Ben helps me not to complain by reminding me that the kids wouldn't be doing anything more productive if we were sitting at home instead.  He did say yesterday that we need a free Saturday to get our house in order.  Three weeks to go my friend.  Hey, at least the weather has cooled off a bit!

This is Liam's first year on a "real" team.  He's playing for the "Big Kickers."  He loves wearing his uniform and looks forward to the snacks after each game.  He's pretty aggressive at practice but is much more timid come game time.  His team is very young for the age group, sometimes playing kids two years ahead of him in school.  It can be intimidating, but he's having a blast.

Sariah and her natural athletic ability continue to amaze me.  She's on the "Hot Shots" this year.   She is dying to be a goalie (they don't use goalies in her age division) and loves to hang back to play defense even though I'm yelling for her to attack the ball!  She can be quite the beast on the field and seems to have the strong competitive drive which will, I think, serve her well through the years.

Eli is on the "Hammerheads."  He moved up a division this year and this new level of play is much more intense!  I think Ben almost got kicked out of the first game, but that's another story.  Eli's drive to win is increasing and he was so pleased with himself for scoring two goals for his team a couple weeks ago.  Funny thing about Eli, he's so chill...no victory dances for our boy.  Even his coach commented on how even tempered he is.

Meilani's on the "Sharkettes."  There is only one girls team in her division so we have to travel pretty far for some of her games.  Ben and I have had to "divide and conquer" on those Saturdays.  Meilani has learned a lot from her soccer experience this year.  I don't think she's enjoyed the higher level of competitiveness like she thought she would.  She's getting to the point now where the players don't get to try every position, they play to their strengths, and that's been a little discouraging, but a good learning experience as well.

The countdown to baby... and the end of soccer season, is on!

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