Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seth Lately

Our sweet boy is growing up! He started Nursery at church last month (Hallelujah!) and while he's a total social butterfly normally, frequently requesting to be held by perfect strangers, he's not such a fan of Nursery just yet. We hear he cries a lot until they bring out the food. Seth is talking up a storm and sometimes after getting my attention babbles on in long "sentences" as if we're having a full on conversation.

Sethie also has a major shoe fetish. He loves his own shoes too, but will stomp around in any that he finds available. A few nights ago he woke up screaming in the middle of the night and when we went to check on him he was reaching for the shoes on his dresser, saying "shoe, shoe." His first request each morning is also usually for shoes, even before breakfast.

He loves babies, dolls and the real thing, which will, I think, make the addition of a new little bundle interesting. He carries around dolls, bears and other various stuffed animals giving them kisses and hugs, then making us do the same.

Here he is showing off his mad pointing skills.



Seth loves to take a bath. He usually takes two a day, one while I'm in the shower in the morning, and one in the evening because he gets so dirty and sticky during the day. When he gets out of the bath he turns his back to me for me to wrap him in a towel. It's so cute!

Seth is also a good sleeper. Although a very easy baby, he's quite a handful these days, getting into everything imaginable on a daily basis. Last week he popped about 12 keys off Ben's laptop with a butter knife. I spent a good amount of time that day reassembling teeny tiny key springs with my pinky fingers. Great fun. Apple should hire me. I also have to jump my car on a regular basis because he runs the battery dead playing in the car. Needless to say, Hillary Weeks' bedtime and nap-time song (watch it here) rings true to me most days, but I love bedtime and nap-time most of all because Seth and I have a little routine. First I stand next to the crib and hold him while he lays his head on my shoulder and tucks in his arms. We sway a little then he gives me a kiss (he's graduated to closed mouth kisses with "mu-wah" sound effects) then he lays in my arms so that I'm cradling him. We then have a little tickle session as I kiss his cheeks and neck, and finally I plop him into bed with a little blanket tucking, and he goes right to sleep. It's pretty glorious. I love this boy.

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