Monday, June 13, 2011

Joy School Graduation

Liam "graduated" from his first year of Joy School. He had a really great group of friends in his class this year, and it was great fun teaching them.

I was dubbed the Joy School "principal," and had to run the "ceremony."

Ben gave the Father's speech. It's nice to be reminded how important a mother's role is in teaching her children. If you look closely you can see Liam in a bit of agony. He poked himself in the eye with the elastic from his cap and was quite distraught the rest of the evening. C'est la vie.

Seth was occupied with his favorite second mommy, Jodi. Her son Colton and Seth are just a week or so apart in age and poor Colton has to compete for his mom's affection when Seth's around. Even when my arms or lap are available, Seth always reaches for Jodi.

Our Joy School kids, and us teacher/mommies.

I'm so blessed to have these great ladies as friends. They each have taught me so much and inspire me to be a good mom through their examples and excitement for life and motherhood.

One of the last weeks I taught, I snapped this picture in the backyard. I think it captures the fun and joy these kids experienced this year. They are each so unique and really loved being together.

My big, little, Liam, sportin' his favorite Superman shirt.

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