Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day

We planned to go to the park for a BBQ on Memorial Day, but the Mountain House wind was too much for Auntie and Grandmom, so we decided to stay in instead. We were planning to eat at 4:00, but we really didn't want to broil the steaks so I ran to Walmart and picked up a BBQ. We've been without one for well over a year now, so we were due, and we got a good deal as the BBQs were on sale. So at around 5:00 I got back and we began setting up the monster. I hate putting stuff together. Ben and I usually get testy with each other. Having my dad their to help aided in the process. About halfway through, we realized we'd made a mistake and had to take the whole thing apart. At that point I was ready to turn on the oven. Ben insisted we persevere. So at 6:30ish we were finally done, and we didn't eat until close to 7:00. The delicious food was worth the wait though! There's no substitute for BBQ'd steaks.

Ben made some amazing steak marinade. One of the reviews said "I wept with joy at the first bite." We were quite joyful at the mere BBQ aroma. Sometimes I've smelled someone in the neighborhood BBQing and have been super jealous, since we haven't had a BBQ for so long. I'm sure this night our neighbors were jealous (or maybe not, since they'd probably eaten dinner hours before).

Even the dogs were salivating.

Enjoying a little Wii wait time.

Check out Seth's expression! It must have been an intense game for him and his non-working remote!

All in all, a fun Memorial Day BBQ.

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Britty said...

I totally understand the BBQ envy. When we got ours last summer after not having one for years and years, I was SO excited! You'll have to share the marinade Ben made, too.

And, I don't know if I ever commented before, but I'm SUPER excited for you all to have another baby! So exciting. You're such a great mom, really, you are! None of us are perfect, but I think you've got things figure out. You're in your groove!