Monday, January 8, 2018

August 2016

Our Ruby girl turned 3!  Went to Red Robin to celebrate.

The kids love for me to take their pics with their wood block castle creations.

Sethie loosing more teeth.  That one is hanging by a thread.

First day of school!  Meilani's a sophomore.

Eli's in 8th grade (and not as happy as he looks about being stuck in Elementary School without his best friend.)

Sariah's in 6th grade.

Seth's in First grade.

Poor Liam was sick, and sad, and had to miss the first day back.

This boy loves his mama.

And he's always the ladie's man!

Liam was better on day 2 and made it to 4th grade.

Meilani with friends on the first day...

...and at the first football game.

These two swapped clothes to be silly.

After years of cheering on his siblings, Ammon was ready to play soccer for real.  He was so excited for his first practice he put his entire uniform on all by himself...note crooked shorts.  LOL

Family birthday dinner at Grammy's to celebrate Ruby.

New bike from Papaw.

Some sweet sister missionaries we love.

Eli was elected ASB President at school.

These two both started Joy School this year, in different classes.  I started my 10th year of teaching Joy School.

Ruby was SO excited to finally get to go to school.

And for the first time in 15 years, 6 months, and 26 days I was home ALONE for a few hours while they were gone.  Weird and wonderful!

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