Friday, July 11, 2014

New Floors

In a win-win situation, our landlord agreed to put in new flooring downstairs.  He got a smokin' deal because our favorite Uncle Aaron happens to be a hardwood flooring contractor.  Alas, Aaron was thrilled that his nieces and nephews are no longer crawling around on nasty carpet, I'm thrilled to have a floor that is easy to clean when someone pukes or pees on it (that never happens...), and our landlord just increased the value of his home and scored great tenants for a couple more years.  I'm a happy camper!

The floor board delivery.  I was going to offer to go pick the supplies up.  Thankfully I didn't because there's no way it would have fit in my car.  Guess how easy it was to keep the kids from jumping off the top of the boxes?  Seth was notorious for pretending that the boxes were the cliff Sven, Ana and Christoff leap off in Frozen.

Liam kept asking me if Uncle Aaron was a boss, yes, yes, he is.  This is the only location Aaron would allow me to take a picture of him.  Strong brotherly resemblance I'd say.

They guys started in the kitchen but I'd assumed they'd start in the living room, so of course my kitchen was a mess.  They assured me it was no problem and laid the new floor right over the top of my un-mopped floors.  That's our little secret.

The kids loved the floors immediately.  Ruby was getting around at super speed!

Ahhh!  Beautiful!  I don't think the floor's been this shiny since the guys left, but I sure love it!  My kids had a blast watching Uncle Aaron, Ray, and Junior working.  They guys were so patient with their antics.  One of the days I took Seth and Ammon up to take a bath.  While I was rocking Ruby they managed to splash bucket loads of water all over the bathroom floor.  I called Aaron up to see, mostly because he was a crazy kid too and I thought he'd get a kick out of it.  Upon inspection he looked alarmed and correctly predicted that the water would leak downstairs.  Sure enough, 5 minutes later we were catching rain from the ceiling into buckets while trying to keep the water off the brand spanking new floor.  Thankfully everything dried out.  Baths were forbidden for quite some time.

And there was only one casualty.  Aaron busted his thumb wide open with a hammer but didn't tell me.  I left to get lunch and found this little gem on Facebook.  What a punk.

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