Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunday Choir

For quite a while now Ben's been serving as the Choir Director for our ward.  We meet on Sunday afternoons at our house and although it makes for a long day, it's really fun to have a house full of singers every week.  The music is lovely, and the Spirit strong, but my favorite part is that it's allowed us to welcome our friends into our house on a more frequent basis.  It has also helped me not to stress about the house too much when company is coming over.  Most everyone that comes has or has had little kids and knows what it's like.  This day we were getting ready for the Christmas Sacrament Meeting program and Norm snapped some pictures.  

This is what the kids do while we're singing!

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Farley Smiles said...

Those are great pictures, you guys have always been so good to welcome everyone into your home!