Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Christmas Eve we went celebrated with my family at Grandmom's house.  This year my mom prepared the best prime rib dinner.  It was such a treat and eating a real meal together rather than just snacking helped to keep the spirt of the day focused on family and being together rather than on the the materialistic side of things.

Grandmom and Ammon

Ruby and me

Ammon thought Grandad's Santa that pulls down his pants was really funny.

Seth liked the life size dancing Santa.

These two are always playing on electronics!

Selfie with the firstborn

Grandmom and Sean

My Dad, Mom, and Ben, on dinner duty.

Liam, sporting shorts.  He's surely a CA boy.

Grandmom, Me and Ruby

Auntie and her new beau, Bob

Dad opening the photo mug we got him.

Ammon climbing on his gift from Papaw.

We came home a little earlier than usual on Christmas Eve so that we could get the kids to bed at a decent hour.  We also read the story of Christ's birth in the scriptures and acted out the Nativity as a family.  It was pretty hysterical!  Here's Mary atop donkey Daddy with Joseph leading the way.

In the Stable

The shepard

The angel

The wise man.

Hot chocolate in mini Santa cups before bed.

Daddy, checking out the loot Santa left.  

Christmas morning

Checking out gifts from Santa.

Santa must know that Ammon can't stay away from the kitchen sink!

Seth got My Little Ponies and a castle and was, I think, the happiest little boy ever!

Liam got a Hot Wheels track.

Sariah got a rip stick.

Eli got a unicycle.

Meilani got a bike.

and Ruby got...

a stacking toy.  She looks so thrilled!

This is the second year that we did a sibling gift swap.  It is by far my favorite part of Christmas.  The kids work hard around the house the weeks leading up to Christmas earning money so they can buy their sibling a gift.  They are so excited to shop for their brother or sister and to find the perfect thing.  The look on the givers face when we're opening gifts is so sweet and the recipient is so gracious and filled with love towards the giver.  This year the kids were so excited that they begged us to unwrap the sibling gifts first.  The Santa gifts were kind of in the way so we didn't do that, but it warmed my heart to see them care so much for one another.  Meilani bought a tent for Ammon.

Eli bought duct tape for Sariah.

Liam bought a nano bug maze for Eli.

Sariah bought a watch for Meilani.

Seth bought Spiderman for Liam.

Ammon bought a Jake and the Neverland Pirate toy for Seth.  Really Seth picked that one out for himself and cried the whole time we shopped because he wanted it so bad.  He was glad Ammon agreed to get it for him!

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