Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swim Lessons

We did a month of swim lessons this summer.  Ammon and I were spectator buddies although he would have preferred to be in the pool as well.  I am so pleased with the great progress all of the kids have made this summer!  Every one of them pushed themselves to work hard.  As a result they're all great swimmers!  I recently discovered that the local swim team has a family max price, so I'm think swim team is in our future!

Meilani refined her strokes and endurance.

Eli made every lap a race and loves to challenge himself (and his sisters).

Sariah moved up two classes this summer and ended up in the same level as Meilani and Eli.  She was nervous at first but kicked butt keeping up with the big kids.

Liam really improved on his strokes and was recommended to move up to the deep end level at the end of the session.  He loved diving for rings and is so confident in the water.

The first session with Seth started out something like this.  Well, worse actually.  He refused to do any swimming the first two days and cried and screamed the entire time.  I told the teachers that I'm a mean mom and that they needed to make him take a turn. Rather quickly (and after a little dollar store bribery) Sethie found the joy in swimming that I knew he would.

He really progressed a great deal!  I was worried after those first two days that I'd need to invest some serious cash to put him in a private lesson.

By the end this kid was swimming all by himself with a noodle and kick board, and had a smile on his face the entire lesson.  Good thing too, because water loving is a must in this family!

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