Saturday, April 20, 2013


A while back we did some room arranging.  I plan to do a whole post about it, but one of the changes was for the S-Buddies, Sariah and Seth, to share a room, and boy howdy was that a great decision.  Sariah is so patient with Seth frequently reading him stories in bed, snuggling with him, and generally stepping up as a big sister to help Seth.  Seth has equally taken to Sariah, often wanting help from her specifically.  Here's a few pictures of them snuggling together at night.  I love that they truly love Sariah.
Falling asleep in Mom and Dad's bed.

Sariah, snuggling Seth so he won't be "scarey."  He says scared now, but for quite some time he'd always say "I'm scarey," when he was afraid to sleep in his own bed.

Even Barbie got some snuggle time.  :)

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