Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meilani's Birthday

Our Meilani turned 12 on January 10th.  We (meaning I) started a new tradition this year where, as a reward for enduring pregnancy and labor, I don't have to cook on my childrens' birthdays.  We celebrated our amazingly wonderful Meilani at Red Robin on her actual birthday.

Then she invited 20ish of her best friends over for a spa night.  We made lip gloss, bath salts, and played a candy bar game while we snacked on crepes.  The girls had fun being together.  They were pretty excited (read loud) and were quite entertaining as I eavesdropped on their little preteen conversations.  

We sure love this girl.  She is intelligent, hard working, a great leader, kind to others, and a fantastic sister.  With the sometimes vast family obligations we are committed to, we've given Meilani a lot more responsibility and have come to depend and lean on her more for support at home.  She's really risen to the challenge.  She is so helpful with her siblings, can cook just about anything, is becoming a whiz on the computer, and remains tender hearted in always considering how those around her might be feeling.  We are so glad she's our first, making life a little easier on us as we get to practice our parenting on such an obedient and faithful young lady.  Now that she's 12 she gets to come to Young Women classes and activities with me which has been such a pleasure.  She's been ready for some new experiences and it's a joy to watch her learn and grow in the gospel, and in our family.

I love how happy my girl looks here.  Meilani is a chip off the ol' block, I must say.  I really didn't have to do much for the party.  She gathered the girls, gave instructions, and put them in groups for each activity.  I was tickled watching her, realize she's also watching me!

Daddy took the other kiddos to the mall for dinner and a carousel and train ride during the party.  Meilani request NO Siblings.

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