Friday, January 4, 2013


For Thanksgiving this year we hit the road and went to Oregon to visit Ben's cousin Niki and her family.  We had a blast hanging out with cousins and relaxing for a few days.  The kids were in heaven and us adults enjoyed some grown up chats while the kids played.  

When it wasn't pouring, the kids had fun exploring the farm around Niki's house which is the house Ben's Great Grandmother used to live in.

Sariah and Deacon

Liam on the tractor that I think Ben's dad used to drive.




Climbing the hay bales.  I don't think the Aunt who actually owns all this farm land now would have liked us exploring, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her!

Ben and Ammon exploring the stream

The kitty cat was a huge hit as well.

The big boys headed out to play football on Thanksgiving morning.

Sethie posing

Rope swing

Ammon taking in the sights

Scaling the hay

Tara with Ammon and Seth.  She loves the little boys.

Watching the cows

The kids kept throwing them old onions that were still growing in an old garden.  The cows seemed amused by our spectating.

Thanksgiving dinner was pretty spectacular.  Joe smoked the turkey on his new traeger.

Seth and Amy's son Josh.  They were good playmates.

Aunt Margaret and Ammon

Ben's cousin Eric and his daughter Alexia

Famous rolls

Divine stuffing with panchetta

The best sweet potatoes I've ever had.

Niki made two kinds of potatoes, creamy and chunky.  The creamy were for me!

This busy lady is such a great cook and spent all her vacation time cooking for the 17+ of us.

Amy's husband Justin and Nikki and Joe's son Joey.

Jesse and Meilani were attached at the hip all week!

Fun trip!  It was great to visit on their turf again.  They've come to us a couple times this year, so it was definitely our turn.

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