Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Boy Birthdays

We had a family birthday party to celebrate our little boys, Seth and Ammon, who's birthdays are just 5 days apart at the beginning of November.  It had been a while since the whole family was all together for dinner and it was nice to hang out and spend time together.  I sure love my boys and relish in their little milestones.  It has been nice to have these two fellas to myself this year without too many outside commitments.  They both love taking baths, and sitting on the counter while I do my hair and make-up.  They are becoming great playmates and I'm so glad they have each other   

Sariah and Uncle Jared, playing on the phone.

Papaw, Grandmom, Ammon, and Abby.

Ryan and his new fiancee Jamie

Auntie Lisa, Sethie, and Abba.

Enjoying the new couch!.

Meilani and Abby

Ready for presents!

Seth said he wanted a new stroller.  Mom and Dad delivered.  He was so happy!

I can't believe my baby is 1!  Where does the time go???

Ammon got his first pair of shoes.  He wasn't sure what to think of them.

We kept trying to stand him up and he'd fall back to the floor.  It was hysterical!

He finally relented and gave walking a try.  

Still very curious

"Okay, they're growing on me."

 Seth was also pretty excited about his new clothes.  He is extremely opinionated about what he wears and frequently digs through the dirty laundry for his favorite shirts.  He approved of the new duds.

Ammon was also a little skeptical about the cake.

Dad gave him a taste to reasure him that it was good.

He was easily convinced.

Love that chocolate face.  It's so yummy!

"All done mom!"

Seth's turn

Littlest bros

We love our little fellas.

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