Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seth's Rainbow Birthday

The morning of Seth's birthday the kids and I went into his room to wake him with a Happy Birthday melody.  Immediately he sat up and said "When are my friends coming over?"   Ummm...yeah, I hadn't yet planned a party but this boy's disappointment prompted me to call all his friends and arrange for a party the following day.  Luckily most of them had their calendars free.  You know, 3 year olds can always squeeze in a par-tay.  So, I asked Seth what kind of party he wanted to have and he said he wanted a rainbow birthday.  He'd been eyeing the Costco cake with the huge rainbow on it for some time every time we shopped, so we ran with that theme (ignoring the stereotypes, thank you) and had a rainbow birthday party.  And if I do say so myself, it was quite a hit especially considering I threw it together at a moment's notice.

Our rainbow faced, three year old Sethie with his fruit loop necklace!  Love this boy!

Meilani, in true form, manned the face painting station.

She first tried to make Seth a cat.  He wasn't having it!  He was much happier with the rainbow face.

All the guests got to paint their own masterpiece.

I got the cardboard from between the drink pallets at Costco and set them up in the courtyard where the kids went to town on their artwork.  I was a little nervous about this and the mom's who were there thought I was crazy to let them paint, but it was a HUGE success!  They all loved it, made the most adorable paintings and were so incredibly well behaved.  It was spectacular!  Granted, Meilani, Sariah, and Liam were great helps (Eli was at a soccer game).

Seth and his masterpiece.

As close to a group shot as I could get.

The long awaited rainbow cake...only slightly smashed by Meilani's foot on the way home from Costco.  No biggie, 3 year olds don't care, as long as they get part of the rainbow in their slice.

Rocking out with the new toy after the party.  

I seriously can't believe Seth is 3.  He was my perfect sweet baby and has grown into an energetic, social, playful, ball of excitement   Sometimes I look at him, through the rear view mirror in the car, or when he's sleeping, or playing quietly (which isn't often by the way), and think that his sweet little face is just cherubic.  He's a mama's boy until I say "no," then he wants his daddy.  He loves to snuggle, help cook, and is darn near professional at constantly being under foot.  He deeply loves his friends, which I just recently discovered, and asks daily if his friends are coming over or if he can go play at the park with his friends.  I guess he's like his mama!  We sure love this boy with all our hearts.  He's still the runt of the family, meaning he's perfectly average in his size.  He wears the right sized clothes for his age which is strange for our brood, and frequently shares clothes with Ammon.  He'll do almost anything for gum, is not a huge fan of sleeping in his own bed (he usually starts in ours, then we move him when he's out), and loves to "shake his booty" when the music's rockin'.  We love our Sethie...did I already say that?  Yeah, well, we really really do, even when he's demonstrating his persistence by whining incessantly in his high pitched squeaky voice!

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