Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Miscaleaneous

At the start of the summer, people were posting all kinds of cute crafty summer bucket list ideas all over the internet.  Well, we never really got around to making a list of summer ideas because we were too busy out having fun.  I actually felt kind of guilty at one point in the summer that I didn't have a ribbon adorned, mod podged, summer list masterpiece hanging in my living room.  After scrolling through the pictures on my camera one day I realized though, that I didn't need a list to tell me how to have fun with my kids.  I'm now finally to the end of my summer pictures.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get caught up on this blog and we'll start posting about October in October.  

Oh, big boxes, how I love thee.

Eli was a masterful baby rocker this summer.

Bubble painting with friends.

Seth extended his artistic ability to the wall in the office.  His drawing is still there, yet to be scrubbed away...yes, I am that busy.

Eli went to a few days of Cub Scout Day Camp and had a blast.  Is he not the cutest Cub Scout you've ever seen?

On one of our trips to Shadow Cliffs this summer, Liam found a clam.  He brought it home and insisted that we put it in the fish bowl "so it could open."   I tried to tell him that it was already dead and wouldn't open but sometimes object lessons drive the point home, so Liam plopped it in the fish bowl.  Guess what happened next?  The sucker opened up and the clam was alive!  Well for a minute anyway, until Seth fished him out and tried to close his shell.  Then he was really dead.

Playing with the new white backdrop from Mutti.

The Little boys with Auntie Lisa.

At the park, early in the summer.

Not in the picture taking mood!

First swim at Amador this summer.

Sariah, reading to her bros.  Such a sweet sister.

Nothing better than snuggling a sleepy baby.

Ammon enjoyed eating the sand every time we were at the beach...or maybe that's oreo curmbs?  Either way he's a cute mess.

Family trip to Ikea.

Attempting a car seat transfer with a sick baby while in Utah so that I could attempt to get a minute of sleep...unsuccessful in the long run.

We need a new couch.  Costco had a bunch on sale.  We didn't get one, but Liam modeled them so I could show them to Ben.

At the end of the summer we had a family day at a water park and got season passes that are good for next summer too.  

Meilani the baby whisperer.

This boy will not stop growing up!  I can hardly stand it.  I love his sweet cheeks and baby curls.

Ammon playing with Angel at Grandmom's.  He's pretty fascinated with animals at the moment.

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