Wednesday, June 20, 2012

End of the School Year

The last few weeks of school were crazy busy.  I'm still catching my breath!  Meilani, Eli and Sariah were in some plays at school and had practice everyday.  Sariah and Liam had baseball.  We had homework, and projects, parties and church activities.  This momma was more excited for the last day of school than the kiddos!

Sariah had a little dance performance at school.  She was paired with a partner with another class because no one in her class was tall enough!  And so it begins...

Meilani as a fox in one of the mini school plays.  She was one of the student assistant director for one of the plays.

So truth be told, I couldn't understand a word of what the kids were saying on the stage, but they sure were having fun!  Sairah really cracked us up with her dance moves in one scene.  The kids enjoyed being part of the drama club this year.

Abba and Ammon watching from the sidelines.

The kids all got awards for reading and citizenship at the awards assembly at school.

My friend Amy works at the school and doubles as the crossing guard in the afternoons.

Waiting for me to pick them up on the last day.  Hooray for summer!

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Beth's Blue Blog said...

Your kids are amazing! I'm glad for their example to my kids. :) and amy is hilarious.