Monday, June 18, 2012


Liam played T-ball again this year.  Oh how I love T-ball.  Practice only once a week.  One hour games.  Everyone wins.  It's pretty sweet.  And I love watching my boy have fun learning the game.  Even if his greatest motivation was the after game snacks!  Liam was really cute to watch.  He's huge for his age and so by comparison his gross motor skills seemed underdeveloped.  I think the other team better watch out when his coordination catches up with his strength and size!  For being my big boy, I loved seeing his cute baby cheeks peeking out from under that baseball hat.  I love my Liam.  I'm really going to miss him when he marches off to Kindergarten soon.


Who's on first?

Made it home.  Phew.

Ready position

Running (well sauntering) to first.

Cubs victory tunnel.  We parents did this at every game.  Fun tradition.

Post game team powwow.  At the team party Liam was awarded the "Built to Play" award.

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