Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sariah is 7!

Spunky Sariah is now seven.  I know I say this a lot, but time sure does fly!  My girl is growing up so dang quickly!  Sariah has become quite the little reader this year at school and stayed in at recess last week so that she could be the first girl in her class to reach 100 Accelerated Reader points.  She's very driven, opinionated, competitive, and playful.  She has a fierce fashion sense and loves to accessorize with hats, jewelry and make up, but hates for me to put her hair up (although she is enjoying long locks these days).  Sariah still surprises us with her athleticism.  She can't wait until she's old enough for basketball.  We love this girl.  She brings balance and zest for life to our family.  Sariah's birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we had a little family party on her actual birthday.  

Sariah said that for her birthday she wanted a family picture.  Not too sure why exactly, but we all obliged.  I need to print this and put it in a frame for her room.

Monday after her birthday, sporting new duds.

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