Sunday, May 13, 2012

Random Pics

I'm behind...and trying to catch up.  Here are some random pictures from the last month or so illustrating our busy blessed lives.

Gathered round the electronics on a Sunday afternoon.

I like to have breath mints on hand.  I hide them in a secret pouch of my purse.  Seth can smell them, I swear, and as soon as he finds them, he devours the entire package in one sitting.  

Trying to "fix" the baby fish tank.

at church

This girl has one infectious laugh

Ben always a fan of the self portrait.

Playing with the fat face ap on my phone.

Eli received some more awards in Cub Scouts, including his religious knot.

Chillin' in the grass at Sariah's baseball game.

We teach multitasking at an early age.  Doing his homework atop a utility box at Sariah's baseball game.

Brotherly love.

Mess central

Spring Concert, rocking out to "Hot Cross Buns."

Playing in the rain at the park.

First shopping cart ride without the infant seat. 

I finally learned how to grind our 30 year old wheat and bake it into bread.

Liam learned to ride a two wheeler.  The term "learned" being used very loosely.  After seeing our neighbor who's younger than Liam riding a two wheeler, I asked him if he wanted to learn.  He took off on the first push.  Never mind the girly bike!

We attended Mormon Helping Hands one Saturday.  We made it just in time to inspect all the work and snap a picture.  Next year we'll be there earlier!

Liam had an asthma attack last week an now gets to take 2 different inhalers everyday.  We squeezed in Ammon's 6 month check up at the same appointment (I love our pediatrician!) and so while Liam was getting a breathing treatment, I was nursing a fussy baby who'd just gotten shots (without my nursing cover because Seth left it in the garage after nursing his doll) while attempting to entertain a restless two year old who insisted on inspecting every machine and drawer in the procedure room of the doctor's office in between playing peekaboo with the dad of the patient in the curtain next to us.  Fun times!

Ammon had his first swim.  The water was cold so his toes had their first swim anyway.  He did love the hot tub.

In our home ward with Mutti and Abba for Abby's baby blessing.

A little milk bubble experiment one morning.

Mr. Climber
Side note:  I hate it when strangers discipline my kid right in front of me for doing "dangerous" normal kids stuff.  I know his limitations people.  He's not going to fall out of the cart, or off the fence, or out of the tree.  And if he does, he'll learn from it.  This kid likes to climb.  Some kids just do.  And I'm going to let him in reasonable situations because I am seeking to raise independent curious children.  Thanks.   

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